Merrez'ca Excellent Covering Skin

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Merrez'ca Excellent Covering Skin Setting Pressed Powder

Excellent Covering Skin Setting Pressed Powder  SPF50+/PA+++ Merrezca  excellent covering skin setting pressed powder  SPF50+/PA+++ provides a flawless base for make up, and even protects skin against the sun! The matte finish is divine, and it goes on easily and smoothly to provide you with a very smooth, pore less face. And, its completely free of harsh chemicals and preservatives, so if you have sensitive skin this is the perfect powder for you!

Merrez'ca Excellent Covering Skin Perfecting Foundation


Merrezca Excellent Covering Skin Perfecting Foundation ,If breakouts are a thing of your past, but you still have either post pimple dark spots or another form of hyperpigmentation (like Melasma, sun spots, or age spots), reach for the foundation. Not only does foundation  help to immediately conceal any uneven skin tone, but it also helps to improve your skin tone over time, also have anti-aging properties that will simultaneously help to infuse skin with fine-line-reducing and wrinkle-erasing peptides, so look for one of those for double the benefits! You'll still want to use your anti-aging nighttime products, but now at least you'll get the benefits of a comprehensive skin care routine during the day, too — and in your makeup no less!